You’ll find me in the mountains (at weekends).

Hello. I’m Mike. I hail from Carlisle, Cumbria. I’m a self employed joiner in our family business making handmade kitchens. I live with Rosie my wife, and Agnes our border terrier.

I began running with the intention of improving in 2012 , before then it was sporadic at best. Since, I have run a variety of races from 5 km to 100 miles with varying degrees or success (I deem success to not be finishing a cramping shuffling mess). Over the past couple of years I have upped my training and focused specifically on my running. I completed my first 100 mile distance in 2017 and last year placed 4th in the Lakeland 50 mile event. 2019 sees me tackling a beast of a 50 mile race, at Ultra Trail Snowdonia (UTS 50) with a meager 5100m of elevation gain… Yup. Then I’ll be running another loop of the Lake District with The Lakeland 100 in July.

I’ve set up this blog to document my training, races and other things running and not running. Who knows. If you enjoy my posts you can also see me on Twitter @MikeHolliday86 and Instagram MikeHolliday86

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